Hi, I’m Becca Hibma!

I enjoy cooking and baking fun and unconventional kitchen creations for myself and all my hungry friends!

I love nothing more than hosting friends in my lovely Chicago apartment and feeding them brunch and dinner and deserts. I got into the habit of doing this so much that I thought I would share my cooking and baking escapades with all of you!

I began my culinary career (which is not a career because I have never been paid or formally trained for it) as a kid, helping my mom and grandma make things. Then I went off to college and ate the same five meals for four years straight. That’s right, five meals: smoothies, eggs & cereal, kale salad, roasted chicken & veggies, and pesto pasta. Why? Well you see, I was cooking for survival, as I was so busy getting a theatre degree, I didn’t really have any time to feed myself.

But then I graduated and moved to Chicago and found a bunch of free time (especially when the pandemic hit), and I decided to chuck most of it into the kitchen, and then a bunch of cakes and curries and other creations popped out. In fact, I soon found I was cooking up way more food than one hungry little Hibma could possibly eat herself, so I began sharing everything with my friends.

And then I made a blog about it, and here we are!